If you are receiving weekly meal deliveries on an automatically renewing cycle, please visit these instructions to make changes to or to cancel your subscription.


  • What do you ship?
    We deliver fresh prepared food locally between Collier & Lee Counties of Florida
  • When do you ship?
    Typical delivery days are Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Where do you ship to?
    We deliver fresh food locally between Collier & Lee Counties of Florida
  • How do you ship?
    We employ background checked delivery drivers that transport food stored in coolers with proper ice packs to maintain the proper temperature. It is the client responsibility to provide us with access to a refrigerator or leave an adequately sized cooler with ice packs for us to put food in for them. We do not supply coolers or cooler bags. If we do not have access  or a cooler is not left out for us, we will contact you for re-routing instructions. If we cannot reach you, we will return to the kitchen and have your order available for pick up. If you are not home when we arrive and  there isn’t a cooler, you will be charged $1/ minute that the driver is waiting for instruction on what to do with your order.
  • Rates to ship?
    Delivery is $3/ week for 3 day plans and $5/ week for 5 day plans
  • How to track an order that’s been shipped?
    If you have an order containing lunch, we will do our best to deliver by noon in Collier county. Lee County deliveries are all early afternoon
  • In-store pick up option?
    In-store pick is available 24 hours a day
  • Recycling of packing materials?
    All of our materials are recyclable and BPA free



  • What can be returned?
    Considering our products are fresh foods that must be maintained at a constant holding temperature, no returns are allowed.
  • When do items need to be returned?
    Any issues with your order, we should be notified immediately so that we can rectify the issue.
  • Where do items need to be returned?
    Fresh foods cannot be returned
  • How do customers return items?
    If you are unhappy with your delivery, please contact Amber at [email protected] for an agreeable resolution between both parties.
  • Shipping for returns?
  • Credit for returns?
  • We do not allow returns, however if a customer is unhappy with their received product, we will offer a resolution by way of replacement of that item, a credit on your account for future use, or a refund as agreed by both parties.
  • Refunds for canceled orders?
  • Subscription changes and holds must be completed by the client by logging into their account prior to early Friday morning. If the client doesn’t suspend or cancel prior to the renewal charge, a store credit for use at another time will be issued. If you notify us after Saturday at 9: 00 AM of a cancellation, we have already purchased the food so we can either deliver to a friend or neighbor, or freeze for when you return. We will not issue a refund and we will not forward your payment to another week at that point.
  • We are often in the kitchen cooking and do not have access to a computer to suspend your service. Since your account information is secure even from us, we cannot make changes to your subscription in order to keep your personal and payment information safe. Any renewals that go through are final and refunds are not given. If the food has been made, refunds will not be given. If the food hasn’t been made, we will gladly put a store credit on your account for use at a later date.