Weekly meal delivery subscriptions renew every Friday morning, around 3am. To ensure that changes to your Subscription are processed correctly, please make sure to submit your changes, suspensions or cancellations before this renewal occurs.

To edit your subscription, please first login to your account. If you have forgotten your password, please use the link below the login field to retrieve it.



To Change a Subscription

If you would like to change the number of meals being delivered in your Subscription, please complete the following steps.

  1. After logging into your account, click the “View” button to review your most recent order.
  2. When the next page loads, you will see details about your most recent order and active meal delivery subscription. Under the “Related Subscriptions” heading, you will see a “View” button. Click on it to access information about your current subscription.
  3. When the information about the Subscription loads, you will see information about your current meal delivery Subscription, and below the heading Subscription Totals, there is a button labeled “Change Subscription”. Click this button.change-sage-subscription
  4. Once selected, you will be directed back to the product page for the meal delivery Subscription you are receiving. Select the new meal option you would like to receive and click the “Sign Up Now” button.
  5. Complete the rest of the checkout process as usual and your new Subscription will be confirmed upon receipt of your payment. Subscriptions renew every Friday morning.


TIP: If you’re getting an error during checkout (such as “Invalid Recurring Shipping Address”, please make sure your shipping information is correct and that you’ve completed all the fields of the checkout form, including selecting your Delivery choice.